Launch Day!

Welcome to the launch of Susie Q! Let me start by explaining a little bit about the site.

New comics will be posted alone under “Latest Edition” so you can easily find them, and as more updates are made, I will be adding back issues to the archive. The process of keeping up with a webcomic is entirely new to me, so I am still trying to find my groove and testing things out.

Susie Q is a project I’ve wanted to get off the ground for a few years, and now because of a web development class I am enrolled in, I am able to turn it into a reality. The thought of creating a website for myself at one point felt like an impossible task. Just a few months ago, I knew little to nothing about HTML or CSS in general, and it had been years since I last tried to create any kind of website, ( back when templates were not as user-friendly as they are now). Getting a fresh experience with the newer available technology really took me by surprise, and as time went on, I could start to see what I once thought was impossible become possible.

Aside from Susie Q, Creative Corner is a section where I talk a little about any challenges I may come across as an artist. I thought it would be fun to give a little bit of an inside look and share lessons I’ve learned along the way. Posts may be about the most recent comic, or just about art in general.

Currently I don’t have a set schedule for updating content, but I will do my best to add new content as often as I can. I am currently a student, so time is a precious resource that I must share between school, family, and work. I intend to keep this project going as more of an enjoyable hobby for any spare time I have instead of pushing myself to exhaustion to keep deadlines. If activities you enjoy cross that line, they soon become something you don’t like to revisit.

This is meant to be a place for casual fun, and I hope to keep it that way.